Brownhill Investment

Brownhill Investment HSE Policy

At BrownHill, we hold in high importance our people and the environment. We ensure it a policy that our people have a safe, healthy and secure work-environment; this is a fundamental right. Below is how we hope to ensure this policy works.

We Are Committed To:

  • • Caring for our people.
  • •Prioritizing environmental concerns
  • • Pinpointing and managing hazards to eliminate or in outrageous circumstances mitigate resultant risks.
  • • Delivering constant and perpetual improvement in our health, safety, security and environmental performance.
  • • taking preventive measures for ill-health, injury, pollution and loss resulting from our activities.
  • • Being responsible in our athirst approach to protecting the environment and minimising our impacts.
Which We Will Achieve By:

• Chartering and attaining clear HSE objectives.
• Ensuring we have exemplary HSE leadership and management.
• Understanding and complying with all legal, industry and other external requirements.
• Having effective, efficient and applied HSE management systems.
• Learning from Incidents (LFI) and preventing reoccurrence.
• Engaging with our people on HSE issues.
• Working with our clients, regulators and others to promote continuous improvement.
• Training our people to be competent and safe in undertaking their roles.
• Promoting a positive HSE culture.
• Encouraging anyone to stop a job if they perceive any HSE shortcoming.
• However, it is pertinent to note that disciplinary action (s) may be taken against employees who persistently and deliberately flout the obligations placed upon them by statutory provisions and company Safety Rules.