Welcome to Brownhill Investment Company Limited

Brownhill is a formidable logistics company that handle and distribute petroleum, civil, mechanical, electrical and marine equipment and other services in the oil and gas industries in Nigeria with the ultimate goal of meeting clients' needs and ensuring their satisfaction


Quality Safety

In order to achieve this mission statement, we are poised to Continually improve on our safety records.


In the complexity of modern Marine Services, You need a trusted and reliable company that can tell it the way it is.

Innovation and Teamwork

Here In Brownhill our team has collaborative effort to achieve a common goal in the most effective and efficient way.

Customer satisfaction and value

Here At Brownhill, Our mission is to operate as a formidable company where customer satisfaction,

Take advantage of our unique Services

A team of public and private interests including the Federal Government of Nigeria, the Maritime Administration, Federal Highway Administration and the private section Collaborated to make the services a reality. .

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